Editors are Forecasting: Heavy Metal

by 1 October 19, 2009

editors are forecasting: heavy metal
Metal Details?!
Are you kidding?  ...well this is a no brainer.
Double D Ranch™ collectors know we always have great leather jackets loaded with metal details and this season is no exception.  In fact we have more than the usual offering.  Super high domed nailheads, pierced rings and a new staple effect are just some of the elements I have been playing around with for fall.  Let me show you what I’m talking about:
  • First may I introduce the ‘Grant Biker Jacket’?  ‘Grant’ is this season’s Urban Warrior. [caption id="attachment_506" align="alignright" width="139" caption="Grant Biker Jacket "]Grant Biker Jacket [/caption] Its updated biker cut with super domed nails gives an immediate edgy persona without looking like Sid Vicious.
  • Next is the ‘Sergei Jacket’ which is based on a biker silhouette also, but is a bit longer in length.    I played around with some metal rings and looping on the sleeve and added just a bit (that’s in Double D proportions) of the super domed nails to the cuffs and collar. [caption id="attachment_510" align="alignright" width="156" caption="Sergei Jacket"]Sergei Jacket[/caption]
And while I’m on the subject…     I never understood the ‘less is more’ theory… to me,  ‘more’ is more.
  • Finally, as with every season I try to design something with crosses as a way of honoring and witnessing about my awesome LORD and King.  This year’s ‘Trinity Cross Jacket’ is my very humble tribute.   It features ten different Navajo crosses in really cool finishes like antique brass, verde, and something we developed called ‘rusty cruddy’. [caption id="attachment_513" align="alignright" width="163" caption="Trinity Cross Jacket"]Trinity Cross Jacket[/caption]
Before I head back to my design board, please let me offer a few            DO’s and DON’Ts for wearing this fall’s heavy metal leather jackets:
  • DO pair over your favorite jeans
  • DO wear over a plaid skirt
  • DO wear over a fussy ball gown or slip dress
  • DON’T wear it over black leather or thigh highs unless you are going for the Iron Maiden look

….but then again they still would look great that way too!



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