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19 Year Drought

Posted on 06 November 2009

The highlight of our football season is tomorrow. Jack and his St. Paul Cardinal buddies will go up against the Sacred Heart Indians. It is your typical, small town, Texas football rivalry and this year it seems magnified since Jack is a senior. We were supposed to have ended the 19 year drought last year, and we almost did.  We tied them to go into overtime.  The Indians scored after three attempts and then we scored on our first attempt.  Then we went for the two point conversion to win the game ...and we dropped it.  Literally. So this week has been totally football around our house.  Cheerleader Audrey even took the leftover Halloween candy and reincarnated it into "Spirit" bags for the team.  We've got our red shirts and signs already to go for tomorrows game and all I have to say is

Let's Go Cards!

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