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I'll be "Sancho", You be "Pancho"

Posted on 18 November 2011

There is a little Mexican village just across the Rio Grande from Lajitas called, Boquillas del Carmen.

It's not much, but people used to cross over from stateside Lajitas for an "exotic" dinner or festive shopping in the small, local market.  Unfortunately after 911, the crossover ferry was shutdown, cutting off virtually all of its economy and moving desolation right on in.

present day Boquillas del Carmen


For our family, Boquillas del Carmen, has fond memories.

We made the trip once when the boys were young and to add a little spice to the occasion, I made everyone take on Mexican names for the entire day.

I don't remember my name,

but Audrey was "El Jefe",

Nana was "Margarita"

and Walker and Sam were "Pancho & Sancho" respectively.

It was a great day.  We dined on cheesy panchos and sipped killer margaritas and picked up some kitschy, folk guitars for the kids in the market place.   Audrey preserved the occasion with this shot of 'Sancho and Pancho' and their guitars.   If my memory serves me right, we were ready to de-string the Merry Mexican Minstrels by the time we got stateside later that night!

Pancho & Sancho - the Merry Mexican Minstrels!


Fun times - Thank you LORD for the memory!

. .


So enough with the reminiscing - here is Double D Ranch'sâ„¢ tribute to a really fun day!


. .

. . . . .

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