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Elvis is in the House!

Posted on 02 May 2012

I've got a friend from wayyyy back in my Baylor University days, who has developed this alternative personality that he slips into when the (read any) occasion calls for it.


He likes to do Elvis impersonations so we made him a stage costume complete with rhinestones and cape, circa 1974 Elvis, to go with his

bad wig and cheap sunglasses.




He wears it everywhere and what started out as a little joke has turned into a full time sideline for him.


Wally/Elvis has appeared at events in Las Vegas at the Rio and Harrahs Hotels, Coushatta in Louisiana, and all over Texas while opening for

Three Dog Night.

He won't just don The King's digs...he full out performs The King's hits!

Heck, he's a 2-time winner at the Howl at the Moon (San Antonio)

Elvis Impersonator contest!

He says the costume makes him feel "like a rockstar!" . ...

. Well, this May, my favorite Elvis impersonator is jumping across the pond to Britian.  He is hired to perform a few numbers at a wedding reception in Liverpool and let's just say we cannot WAIT for the video! . But in the meantime, we thought he needed a new stage costume for his hunk, a hunk of burning love performance. . . . .

We love the pink jumpsuit Nudie Cohn did for Elvis back in the 70s and knew Wally would love it too.  However, it has caused a bit of a problem in the design room - we are having difficulties sourcing pink polyester!

We'll keep updating the blog and Facebook as the process continues!



. .

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  • King Wally: May 16, 2016

    Is the problem finding pink polyester because it is scarce or is it because you need sooo much of it to cover the King’s considerable talents?

  • Cheryl: May 16, 2016

    I’m glad you are escorting him! Katy-bar-the-Door!

  • Cheryl: May 16, 2016

    Well, yes we know the King has “considerable talents” but the issue is that you just can’t find Polly & Ester anymore!

  • C. Andrews: May 16, 2016

    Not so sure LIverpool is quite ready for the Texas invasion….with Elvis in Tow

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