Pin, Rainbow Man

Who doesn’t need a little guardian Yei adorning their hat or handbag?

The Rainbow Man Yei is a guarding spirit who represents life-sustaining rains for the agricultural Southwest.  In this charming pin, Rainbow Man is depicted in his traditional curved posed with his hands held high. A beautifully hued turquoise stone is the highlight.  Pin this one to your favorite denim jacket or trusty old hat!

History: Navajo Yeis control day, night, rain, wind, and sun. They are supernatural, grandparent spirits that intercede between humans and the Creator. 

  • markings: JB, Sterling
  • materials: sterling silver, stabilized turquoise 
  • measurements: 7.70 mm x 6.70 mm
  • weight: 28 grams
  • closure: C-clasp
  • condition: excellent vintage condition with light oxidation and wear
  • style number: JP221
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