Long Live Cowgirls

Posted on 09 February 2010

[caption id="attachment_2013" align="alignnone" width="575" caption="Long Live Cowgirls Jacket"][/caption] . This is our Long Live Cowgirls Jacket, but you won't find it on our site or catalog.  Check with your local Double D gal or Crow's Nest Trading. Oh, and it comes in a 'world' of colors:  czech cherry, toledo turquoise, yucatan yellow, india ivory, and black too! (I amuse myself sometimes) . Now hold onto your saddle and watch this vintage 1970's footage of cowgirl's doin' their thang...

Ride'em, Cowgirl !

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  • DorisLoredo: May 16, 2016

    Women were tough back then. Talk about Hair Flying Everywhere! And this was in the 70’s. Jacket lookes great on! Thanks for the pic, I needed it.

  • Hedy: May 16, 2016

    I had to go and take 3 motrins after watching that video. They hurt me just watching them. OUCH! By the way the jacket is great. I love the Ming Green but according to Audrey it is all sold out so I’ll have to pick another color.

  • Audrey Franz: May 16, 2016

    This was a sleeper jacket. We are totally sold out of the ming green at this time. We are working on getting additional leather so we can have more available. We do have a few left in the other colors which are just as fabulous! Long Live the Cowgirl!

  • Cheryl: May 16, 2016

    Diva, Glad you like the jacket. I will have Susie research it and call you tomorrow with a list of retailers. Can you email me your number? Thanks!

  • Diva: May 16, 2016

    pleeeeeez help me find the listings of the retailers that have these long live cowgirls jackets!!!! i wear xl. any color all colors . some one help me i have a fedish for unique from pittsburgh they just don’t understand.

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