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Ombré Soirée: Say It Fast 3 Times

Posted on 05 April 2011

Say it FAST three times...

Ombré Soirée

Ombré Soirée

Ombré Soirée


This week we are looking at the huge dip dying trend that is going by the tongue-twisting moniker called Ombré Soirée.

So where can this hand, rendered effect be found in Double D Ranch's California Cowgirl's Collection?

Well, for starters, you've seen the treatment in all of the Love Conquers All pieces and there are two more below that we used the dip-dye effect on

Surf Slang:
Head Dip
1. Catching the lip with your head as it pitches over. 
(lip-crest of the wave)
2. A maneuver in which a surfer, squats and leans forward on the surfboard.

1.A weather pattern term means that all of the storm activity
       in one  particular region is moving in a consistent
       west-to-east pattern along  the same latitude.
2.The Pacific (California, Baja, Mainland Mexico, and Central
       America), zonal activity in the SPAC, is bad for swell production.
. .

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